"Bhavan Institute of English (BIE) was established on May 11, 1978. It celebrated its Silver Jubilee on May 11, 2003. Over the years, it has emerged as a premier institution in Warangal imparting able and practical guidance in English through a multi-media approach. The Institute is under the private management of the 21 Century Educational Society (Regd.No.3156).

The courses at the Institute are designed to cater to the needs of those learners who want to learn or improve their English and also the candidates appearing for various academic, entrance and competitive examinations and interviews. The overall aim of the courses is to make the aspirants confident in English with necessary life skills.

The courses cover all the important aspects of English. Each session usually begins with a general topic. Adequate time is given daily to the learners to speak in English. Public address system, OHP, DLP and computer facilities are provided in the classrooms. Major topics are followed by work-sheets or slip tests to test the comprehension of the learners. There are special classes for spoken English with audio and video tapes and CDs. The errors made by the learners are also explained. Emphasis is more on practical and modern English usage. Quiz Competitions and GK Written Tests are conducted to improve the general knowledge of the students. Former students of different batches meet at Subedari between 7:30 and 8:30 am (Monday to Friday) to discuss important topics in English that are useful for various competitive examinations. They can also attend Career Guidance Programs arranged in collaboration with the Lions Club of Hanamkonda (District 324 C5).

The study kit includes printed books and CDs. Some books and CDs are available for sale for outsiders. Material is meant for intensive practice at home. The Institute, of course, does not believe in mere learning of dry grammatical rules. It does believe in constant practice and understand very well that English is a habit to be copied correctly, an activity to be developed diligently and a skill to be practised perfectly.

BIE radio lessons,  numbering 110, were broadcast every Sunday at 8 a.m. from AIR, Warangal FM. Now, they are available on CDs with transcripts.
*Directress: A. Chandrakala
*Honorary Director: Dr.G.Damodar,
Professor of English and Chairman, Board of Studies, Kakatiya University. He visited Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom to study the latest methods and materials of teaching English during February - March 2000.
Counsellors :
  • Md. Masliuddin
  • Dr. VSVL Ramana
  • S. Jyothi
  • K. Subhashini
  • B. Gita Devi
  • T. Babu Rao
  • Bandi Prabhakar
  • CH. Sandhya Ganesh
  • B. Bhagawan Reddy
  • Zeba Fatima
  • V.Narendar
  • V. Rajashekhar
  • G. Sudhakar
  • A. Bixapathi
  • M. Vivek
  • N. Vasanthi
  • M. Ramesh Kumar
  • G. Purushotham
  • G. Bhavana
  • G. Rachana
  • Ramesh Pallerla
  • Kesava Rao Podapati
*Legal Advisor : S. Ganapathi
*Publishers : G. Srinivas and Md. Masliuddin
Advisory Board :
Prof. E.Nageswara Rao (Retd.) (Osmania University)
Prof. B. Yadavaraj (Osmania University)
Prof. V. Prakasam (Retd.) (English and Foreign Languages University)
Prof. (Mrs) Vinoda (Retd.) (Kakatiya University)
Prof. P. Mallikarjuna Rao (Kakatiya University)
Prof. M. Rajagopalachary (Kakatiya University)
Dr. Christopher Rollason (The United Kingdom)
Dr. Patrik Svensson (Umea University, Sweden)
  Dr Letizia Alterno (United Kingdom)